CLEAR SKIN kit SAVE $18.00
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Skin Type:  Acne prone skin, teen acne, oily or combination

SAVE $18.00 vs. Buying these items individually!

Using these products together will help to calm and purify the skin, without excessive dryness.  Regular use of these product together will aid in calming redness and help control acne and breakouts for a healthier, clearer complexion.  Clear skin always provides a boost in confidence!  Keep in mind PEAK 10 SKIN products are concentrated and a little goes a long way!


 Kit includes:

  • Gentle Foam Cleanser  4oz
  • Salicylic 2% exfoliator  4oz
  • HYDRO 1000 (oily-acne) 1oz
  • Therapeutic Calm + Purify Mask  2oz
  • Item #: 1-CLSK

CLEAR SKIN kit SAVE $18.00

Price: $110.00
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