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Skin Type:  All skin types.

SAVE $26.00 vs. Buying these items individually!

When you want to make someone feel completely special, this is a perfect gift!  Literally, it includes luxurious products containing quality ingredients to treat one’s body from the lips to the feet!  It’s the perfect gift to spoil someone special, even if that’s YOU!

The antioxidant lip balm with Vitamin C, will hydrate and protect your lips in any climate!  Perfect for applying under lip stick or wearing alone.  NECTAR neck refining cream will hydrate the skin on the neck and décolleté and help improve the surface texture.  Luxury WHIPPED Body Butter will penetrate quickly for hydrated, smoother skin.  Our rich and creamy SAVE MY SOLE foot rescue cream and SOOTHE hand cream contain 25% Shea Butter, known for its exceptional moisturizing and soothing benefits. Black Diamond Oil is a versitile moisturizer that provides intense hydration.

It’s the ultimate indulgence for the entire body!


Gift set includes:

Antioxidant LIP BALM  5ml

NECTAR neck refining cream  4oz

Luxury WHIPPED Body Butter  8oz

SOOTHE hand cream  2oz

SAVE MY SOLE foot rescue cream 4oz

Black Diamond Oil 2oz

  • Item #: 1-HTGS

HEAD TO TOE Gift Set SAVE $26.00

Price: $155.00
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