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This starter kit is for someone with normal skin who is interesting in starting with our 4 step system.   Our products are numbered to make it easy to know what order to use them.  Start with our Gentle Foam Cleanser to remove make up and gently cleanse your skin.  Second, apply one pump of HYDRO 1000+ hyaluronic serum to your entire face and eye area.  Next apply EYE SPA peptide + cucumber eye cream to the area above your cheek bone to your brow.  The final step is to apply HYDROXTREME cream to your entire face.

We suggest you do all 4 steps morning and evening.

When you purchase this kit you will be saving $28 over buying the products individually.

This Kit Includes:

  • GENTLE FOAM CLEANSER w/rose hips 4oz
  • HYDRO 1000+ age defense (dual action) 1oz
  • EYE SPA peptide-cucumber eye cream 1/2oz
  • HYDROXtreme moisturizing cream 1.7oz
  • Item #: 1-NSSK

NORMAL SKIN Starter Kit SAVE $28.00

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